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Allergic reactions (ARs) induced by FOLFOX4 treatment in colorectal cancer: A comparative analysis between Asian and Western patients (pts).
K. Sugihara
Honoraria - Chugai Pharma; Taiho Pharmaceutical; Yakult
A. Ohtsu
Employment or Leadership Position - Bayer (I)
Honoraria - Chugai Pharma; Novartis; Taiho Pharmaceutical
Y. Shimada
Honoraria - Chugai Pharma; Yakult
Research Funding - Daiichi Sankyo; Yakult
N. Mizunuma
No relevant relationships to disclose
P. Lee
No relevant relationships to disclose
A. De Gramont
Consultant or Advisory Role - Sanofi ; Yakult
Honoraria - Sanofi ; Yakult
R. M. Goldberg
Consultant or Advisory Role - Genentech; Lilly
Research Funding - Abbott Laboratories; Amgen; Bayer; Bristol-Myers Squibb; Genentech; Sanofi
M. L. Rothenberg
Consultant or Advisory Role - Sanofi
Research Funding - Sanofi
T. Andre
Honoraria - Baxter International; Sanofi ; Yakult
S. Brienza
Employment or Leadership Position - Debiopharm Group