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Second interim analysis of the Global Investigation of Therapeutic Decisions in Unresectable HCC (uHCC) and of Its Treatment with Sorafenib (GIDEON): Differences in AE reporting across physician specialties.
Alan Paul Venook
Consultant or Advisory Role - Abbott Laboratories (U); Bristol-Myers Squibb (U); Chugai Pharma (U)
Research Funding - Bayer; Onyx
Riccardo Lencioni
Honoraria - Bayer
Jorge A. Marrero
Honoraria - Bayer; Onyx
Research Funding - Bayer
Masatoshi Kudo
No relevant relationships to disclose
Keiko Nakajima
Employment or Leadership Position - Bayer
Stock Ownership - Bayer
Sheng-Long Ye
No relevant relationships to disclose
Frank Cihon
Employment or Leadership Position - Bayer