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Impact of age and medical comorbidity (MC) on adjuvant treatment outcomes for stage III colon cancer (CC): A pooled analysis of individual patient data from four randomized controlled trials.
Daniel G. Haller
Consultant or Advisory Role - Roche; Sanofi
Honoraria - Roche
Michael O'Connell
No relevant relationships to disclose
Thomas H. Cartwright
Consultant or Advisory Role - Genentech; Roche
Honoraria - Genentech; Roche
Christopher Twelves
Consultant or Advisory Role - Roche/Genentech
Honoraria - Roche/Genentech
Edward McKenna
Employment or Leadership Position - Genentech
Weijing Sun
Consultant or Advisory Role - Genentech
Honoraria - Genentech
Wasif M. Saif
Honoraria - Amgen; Bristol-Myers Squibb; Genentech; Lilly
Research Funding - Clovis Oncology; Genentech; Gilead Sciences; Infinity; Newlink Genetics; Roche
Luen F. Lee
Employment or Leadership Position - Genentech
Stock Ownership - Roche
Greg Yothers
Consultant or Advisory Role - Roche/Genentech (U)
Hans-Joachim Schmoll
Consultant or Advisory Role - Merck; Roche
Honoraria - Merck; Roche